We've just had our latest article published in .net magazine.  The article details how we went about bringing our company website into the 21st century and the techniques we applied to get a responsive design implemented.

shot of magazine article

We put a lot of thought into creating a site that could give a consistent experience to our users regardless of device and we learnt a lot about how to approach this kind of build. Our design, UX and development team honed the concept into a number of templates that could be translated across a range of devices including desktop browsers, tablets and smartphones.

Creating this site challenged a lot of our preconceptions about web design and we felt it would be important to share our learnings with the rest of the web community and get some conversations started about what works well and what is still missing from the developers toolbox when it comes to making a responsive design to be viewed on multiple platforms. 

Since the smartphone market exploded the browser landscape has become overwhelming and what is more disappointing is that a late release version doesn't necessarily indicate a sophisticated set of HTML5 and CSS3 support. Unless you have unlimited time and resource you can’t create a perfect experience for the ever expanding range of platforms out there. To truly support every web capable device out there we still need more tools from the browser vendors and in some cases just better browsers full stop. 

One of the biggest sticking points is asset size and the performance implications of sending full size imagery to low bandwidth devices. We know we're not alone in thinking our current web techniques are still lacking, as our latest blog post on responsive images has been included in an excellent series of blog posts from Cloud four arguing for more sophisticated image tags from browser vendors. At Head we want to get our hands dirty, finding out what these browsers are capable of and pushing them to deliver the best tailored content relevant to the device at hand. We'd love to speak to other developers out there doing the same thing.  

Get yourself down to the newsagent and grab a copy or download a copy for Apple Newstand to see what we're talking about.